Thursday, January 15, 2009

One single piece of paper

Well....I should's one single design...I've used about 100 pieces of the same design and I am finally done with my studio. For now. LOLOL!!!!

Yesterday, I showed my wall of art, most of the designs done with Heidi Swapp paper. All of this wall was made with leftover bits and pieces from lining my storage bins.  I decided to move my tables around to open up my work area and give me access to the french doors to the back deck.

On the other "wall of heidi swapp"!  How fun to line the bins with paper...make them all match, label them.....and KNOW what's inside each drawer.  I think I am finally organized.  Well, at least for this week.  You know how that goes!!!

And don't forget the rounders on my desk!

Here are links to closeups of the other projects in my studio using Heidi Swapp paper:

Wall of Art

The library bookcase

The bottom slice of brown lined the drawers under the wall of art

And finally, I used scraps inside this curio cabinet....and created photo collages for the front of it.  

There are still a couple more things I want to do....but for now....I'm all done!!! If you look at this and think I spent too much's been nothing short of fun. If you think I should spend my time creating art - well, I happen to think this IS art! And if you think I need to design things like scrapbook pages....well, since I have around 145 pieces that have been published to date, I think I can afford to play my way for a few days!!! My hat is off to Heidi Swapp for designing such an amazing piece of paper. I doubt she knows the possibilities!!! And thanks to all of you for your positive comments as I've blogged this journey to decorate my studio. It's really been fun!!!


Anonymous said...

As you know, I've seen this as it proceeded and then the finished project today. Everyone should see the final project. Maybe you should write a piece for a magazine (paper and "e") that can show everyone what can be done. WELL DONE! It is beautiful and fun to play in this room!

Amidei's said...

The pictures don't do it justice... and we will never see it this clean again (hehe)

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I've watched it come together and am impressed GF! You done good! Now can you come and do mine please....I cook! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas, now to show DH! hugz

Ginni said...

You know, I don't really live all that far from Colleen and you could really, really play in my rubber room - LOLOL! I haven't even begun in there and already I'm crying for help!!

BurningRubber said...

OMG! I am soooooo jealous! That looks FaB! Have I mentioned that your studio matches my bedding? LOL

Little Pink Studio said...

Wow, this is such a beautifully organized studio!
I came across your blog just now, and wanted to say hello. :0)