Saturday, January 10, 2009

I looked around the room...

and saw yet another box that I wanted to "alter" to match! LOL! Will this EVER end????? But I think you will agree....this is just perfect. I keep my Ranger pens, printer ink and cables and other such items in these little drawers. I think I paid $7.00 for this at a garage sale and I have used it for about 4 years now. Just love it!!!

Still loving all the different cuts you can make with this paper. Because my box is about 16" long, I added the border to each end of the paper.

I do love drawers. I love having things at my fingertips, right where I can find them!

I lined the inside bottoms of the drawers with scraps of leftover paper.

Now, I've been hanging things on the wall as I finish them and was almost ready to take photos.....but there was still something missing! And then it hit was Kerry! He has given me so much and allowed me the freedom to play....I needed something for him.  So I found a cute kids frame at Hobby Lobby - it was pink and orange....but the shape was perfect!  I framed the anniversary card I made for him and put our photo in the corner.

So....I think the wall is done.  Just gotta clean up my workstation and then I can take photos!

OK....who am I kidding? It will take me a month to clean up my table! LOLOL!!!!!


Amidei's said...

I am many sheets of that paper did you buy? How many have you used? Keeping track? LOL

Jen Lowe said...

Yep, all this for under 4 packs - 25 each, so less than 100 sheets....with tons and tons of scraps. Want some? LOL!

and I bought it at wholesale :o)

Amidei's said...

of course you did.......duh