Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trust in Him

The final letter is "T", so of course, I have been working on the word "ART" for my wall of art. And I picked the word "trust" for this letter.

Trust unto Jehovah with all thy heart, And unto thine own understanding lean not. In all thy ways know thou Him, And He doth make straight thy paths.

You know, it's been the times that I failed to acknowledge Him that my path went a bit haywire!

And in the center of the T, I used the flourishes to make a Shin (well, sort of!)...remember that?

I love what you can do by adding brown and blue ink....along with the white pen.  The options are just endless!

So here you have it - my 3 letters for my wall of art are ART.  

And with great personal meaning.  Adonia, Rejoice, Trust.  Rejoice daily in what He has given me.  Trust in him every second of the way.  
With these 3 letters, I have created ART.

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