Friday, January 16, 2009


Have you ever had a best friend who moved away? Who abandoned you? Just up and left you high and dry? Well, I have the best friend you could ever imagine and......

Torrey was HOME yesterday! I know, I know....she really did move to Texas. But THIS is her home. She knows it, I know it, we all know it! And it was just incredible to have her home! It was Basement Babes day and I don't know when we've had so much fun. I have gone back to basics....back to where I started with this group. Just come and play and chat and eat. That's it! No classes. No lessons. No projects. We just play.

This is Jodi on the left, then Tor, then Heidi, Torey's sister

Here's Karen playing with her paper dolls. Yeah for Karen....she just had eye surgery and can finally see again!  How wonderful is that!!!

Kelly knitted.  Hey Kel!  I hope you got that hat done!!!

Shelly (left) drove all the way from NEBRASKA to join us!!! Susan brought tons of brand new BLine Design of course we had to play with them! And Kathy - my co-conspirator....thanks for helping me pull off a little bit of orneriness!!!

Aren't we just an incredible group of artists??? From left:

Me, Kelly, Jodi, Karen, Shelly, Susan, Heidi, Torrey & Kathy

Kathleen, we missed you terribly. Hope you are WELL soon! Marcia, Judy, Sherri, hope you can be here next month!

Tomorrow I will share the cards I the meantime, go check out BLine Designs and their Blog!!!


Ginni said...

BooHoo, Sob, Sob, sniff, sniff!! I wanted to be there too!!

Torrey said...

Aw, Jen is GOOD to be HOME. I had so much fun! First creative day I've spent in I don't know how long. See you in a couple of days for MORE creativity!

AimeeInOhio said...

HI TORREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!