Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Upcycled denim scrapbook caddy

 I'm pretty sure this caddy was made by All My Memories - and they are now out of business.  But I truly love it.  Problem is the elastic was shot.  And I'm on this kick to recycle jeans and make things out of denim.....so the first step was to rip this thing apart.  I found out just exactly how well constructed it was!!!  I will keep the pieces if anyone wants the pattern.

I couldn't find denim elastic, so I ended up using some Rit dye.  I couldn't find denim mesh or belting....so I reused everything else from the above tote and painted it with alcohol ink and jacquard dyes.  It worked!

This was not an easy project and I most likely won't repeat it!  LOL!!!  I think it took a total of 4 days, and I broke at least 10 of the #16 needles in the process.  I don't have an industrial sewing machine and there are 8 layers of denim and/or binding in spots!  Each of the tall inner panels and the base are reinforced with cardboard interiors.  I even found vinyl iron-on backing that covers the inside panels...I'm good at forgetting to tighten the lids on my bottles.  :(

Because I was doing this my way, I added a large pocket across the back and 5 belt loops to hang things from.  I added a pencil loop at the top on one side because I can never find a pencil.  Sure enough - I couldn't even find one to put in it today!  LOL!!!

This thing is a work horse!  It holds my paper trimmer, atg gun, enveloper, chalks, and everything else I could possibly need at a crop.  I still have room for more!  I love the clear pocket in front - helps find the "little" things that often get lost in a caddy.

I used 2 pairs of mens jeans to make this and I still have denim left over!

Next up I'm going to cut one of those white plastic lazy susan's from walmart to fit under the bottom so this will rotate around on my desk and I can easily get to whatever I need.  

I've had a great time making this.  But I'm thinking next time.....just replace the worn out elastic!  LOL!!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Do you love denim?

A quick view of the things I've been doing with denim.  I didn't take photos of the pillowcases I made as they are just plain.  Working on a denim scrapbook caddy now.  Just playing!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do you see what I see???

I was at Hobby Lobby and saw this sign.

There is nothing I like about it except the background...so off came everything!


I think many people will look at something, but not see it disassembled.  My eye does that immediately!

Next, I had Kerry print this tiny palette with his 3D printer.  I painted the paint colors, distressed the white plastic and cut up old paint brushes to give it a true dimensional look.


One of the antique shops sells cut up license plates.  You can buy any letter and make up your own word.  I used the screws that were in "ahoy" to screw these in place.  And now I have this cute sign!


Finally, this is going to be my "vision board" for this next year.  I want to buy an r-pod travel trailer and this will be its name.  One of my life long goals was that when I retired I would travel around the country stopping to do genealogy research.  Time to focus on reaching that goal!!  In the meantime, how fun is this sign!!  

If you saw the original sign in a store, could you see what I saw???

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How do you store your copics?

We have a 3D printer and this past week - it got a workout!  I have one of the copic black bags, but I do not like the little "basket" inserts that go in it.  So I got the egg carton light grid and after doing research and not liking much of what I saw out there, asked Kerry if he could create something with his printer.  He came up with some corner posts that I E6000'd to the grid and made a rack like this

(did you know that e6000 was a verb?  LOL!)

I figure out of the 300+ markers copic makes,  I really only need about 150 for now and that left  some space at the end of my bag.  

The corner posts look like this with little "rests" for the grid to position just above.  Worked out perfectly!  I used some tiny fabric clips that I found in the sewing department at Walmart to hold them together until the E6000 dried.

I needed something to put in the space at the end, so I had Kerry print a couple of boxes.   Yes, the 3D printer will print custom sized boxes.   This first one was too high as I can't get my fingers around the ink pads, so he made a shorter one next.

 Then I had him make dividers for the boxes so stuff wouldn't move around.    The dividers are E6000'd in place.  It all fits nicely down into the bag with room on the ends for my texture cloths and light templates.  This is looking down into the bag.

When I'm coloring, the bag will sit on it's sides and the boxes will come out and rest on the top.  In the left box are my square copics (I do a lot of airbrushing and use these colors the most) and my Momento Ink pads.  On the right are a variety of spritz and dropper bottles filled with blending solution and my white opaque copic paint.  In the tiny slots on the top - that's where I put my extra nibs for the markers.  I tested it out this afternoon and I'm pretty happy with it.  I love that we could use the 3D printer in the art room!  There was even space for my microns pens in the lower right hand slots.

This morning, I picked fresh strawberries out of my back yard.....

Those berries inspired me to use some of these copics because they are such berry-licious colors!  LOL!!!    I used Jenn Dove's tutorial to make this card.

I decided to do some more practice coloring.  Sometimes I think you need to repeat the same thing until you get it like you like!

But then, you need to make a card with your practice coloring!  Made this one for someone very dear to me who's having a birthday tomorrow!

I hope she likes it berry much!  

I am loving my "new-to-me" copic storage.  Now that the markers are organized and not falling all over the place I might actually use them!!!

Once again the 3D printer has amazed me with what it can do!  Kerry is now printing corners and center posts for some of my friends so they can do the same thing!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sterling Silver Jewelry

While we were in Israel, I made a decision that it's time to start downsizing.  But I want to use up as much of my "products" as I can before I do that.  So this is going to be the summer that I play hard.  And you ask yourself, "can she play harder than she already does???"  LOL!!!

So Monday mornings are my "never ending watercolor class" and Monday afternoons will be jewelry making  time with my sisters.  We had a fun afternoon and I managed to make 1 pair of earrings.

Sterling silver ovals soldered together, swarovski crystals, turquoise beads.   I did the soldering/polishing last week.   I had to ask myself....am I too old to solder?  I didn't get the top on tight on the can (using a large butane type torch that they use to solder pipes) and a gigantic flame popped up from the leaking gas and just about scared me to death!  Fortunately, the house is still standing!!!  And yes, I do have 2 large fire extinguishers out in the garage where I've set up my jewelry making stations.

I made these to go with a necklace that I had made several years ago.  But I no longer liked the necklace, so I altered it - here's what it looks like now:

That center piece is at least 15 years old - a sterling silver Paula Best charm.  I always loved her stamps and when I came across this charm, I knew it was mine!

And there's a bracelet to match.

Here's all 3 pieces.  I think I'm happy with them now.  All .925 sterling silver so don't bother to ask how much I have in it!  It's not what you spend on an item, it's how much you love it!!!  This one will not go on etsy, it's for me.  :)

We're making jewelry out in my garage which is finished, air conditioned and I even have heat out there if/when we need it.  I've set up a glass cutting station, a grinding station, a drilling place and now a torching space.  If you have ever worked with sterling silver you know that you have to clean the silver, add the flux, solder, quench and dip in pickling.  That takes up a lot of space in itself.  But I also know I need to get back to making dichroic glass pendants to put on some of the necklaces I'm working on.  That requires glass cutting, grinding, polishing, then into the kiln to fuse the glass and I normally have to repeat that process at least twice to get it just right!

So stay tuned as I hope to blog some of the things we are making out in the garage this summer.

If you are local, and you want to come make jewelry with us, just get ahold of me and we'll see how much space we have.  I think it's going to be a really fun summer!!!  Are you ready to play???