Monday, January 26, 2009

Give your own embossed design to Spellbinders dies

and how to use the flip side of an embossed die in fun ways!!

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Here are the original 3 hearts, diecut, embossed and inked, using a Spellbinders style die:

A closeup of the one with holes in it:

Diecut, not embossed:

Sketch a new design and apply 1 or 2 layers of glossy accents over the sketched design.  Let dry.

You can see how it gives dimension to the piece:

Diecut out another heart.  Spritz the TOP with Wonder Goo.  Place it on top of the stencil you just made with glossy accents, build a sandwich and emboss the design into the new flat diecut, then apply ink to make the embossed ridges pop:

The original die, my new stencil, and the new die - as you can imagine, you can alter any design to fit the project you are working on!

A closeup of the large heart

My new stencil

The new embossed diecut:
Comparing Spellbinders design with my design.  It only works to make your dies much more versatile!!!

This is what happens if you spritz the side of the paper that you put next to the Glossy sticks!  LOL! But never's still great - you can use it just the same!

My new design inked:

You can also ink the reverse side - the debossed side:

And you can fill the debossed areas with anything.  I used Stickles here, but in the past I've used rhinestones, mica powders, colored diamond glaze...just a number of things.  We first did debossing techniques in our Lucy McGoo manual in January 2005 - I just keep forgetting to mention a lot of what we were doing back then!

And here is a comparison of the new template, debossed, embossed, and the original spellbinders die:

Is this just too much fun or what?  So I guess tomorrow  night we will have to show you some fun things to do with Cuttlebug's cut n emboss dies.  Yes, We've shown you Quickutz, Sizzix and Cuttlebug is next!!!

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