Monday, June 30, 2008

Creative Technique Cards!!!

Click on any card and it will take you to my picasa album and there is a tag# and title below the technique! There's a total of 43 techniques and I'll be teaching them in a series of 6 classes in San Diego the end of July. Each class is only $10.00!!! So pick and choose based on what you like. But if you take all 6 - there's a bonus surprise - just keep reading!

I already have almost 40 more tecniques that we'll teach in September.

If you can't find the 7Gypsies ATC rounder, punch, etc, just email me as I can order it and ship it to you! Post a comment here and you'll get 10% off your order! LOL!

OK - class descriptions:

Alcohol Inks (Tags 1 - 7) One of my all time favorite mediums - there's so many fun things to do with these inks! Polished stones is just a great way to cover up mistakes, to give something old a new look, or to just play! Learn how to use alcohol inks on metal foil, acrylic, glass, acetate and more. Learn how to mix other products with alcohol inks. The alcohol ink resist is the same technique I blogged about here.

Colorwash (Tags 8 - 13) It never ceases to amaze me the vibrant, brilliant combinations you can get when using colorwash. Whether its a background, on mulberry paper, on glossy photo all looks great! Come play with this medium and just see how you can liven up a layout, alter the look of a diecut, make your silk flowers "pop" and so much more! Plan to get a little ink on you, so wear old clothes!

Adirondack Inks (Tags 14 - 19) This is really a true technique class because you will learn how to use simple ink pads with other mediums and tools. This is a chance to learn a whole lot about ink pads, markers, the different types of inks and more. We will even be doing a little watercolor painting! Oh, trust me - it's all just fun!!!

Melt Art (Tags 20 - 27) So many of you have told me that you have a melting pot, but don't know what to do with it! Here's your chance to learn! We will be playing with UTEE, To Dye For, BeesWax, Flex, stamps, and more! You will even learn how to do the underwater transfer trick! This is a packed class, so come ready to play!

Perfect Pearls (Tags 28 - 35) Another action packed class where you will learn how to make faux leather, faux metal, and we'll do some watercolor painting and make some gorgeous glimmery backgrounds. Just one of my very favorite products and I think you will find it has more uses than you ever imagined!

Distress Inks (Tags 36 - 43) Well, just in case you thought you knew all there was to know about distress inks, come and spend a couple of hours with me! A little spritz & flick? or burnt edges? No, I promise, we won't be lighting matches! But I will even show you how to tint old black & white photos with distress inks. And a bonus in this class - I'll show you how to make your own masks using your Revolution (or other diecut system) and your Xyron! Guaranteed laughter!!!

If you take all 6 classes, then you are invited to come take my bonus class. So far, I'm up to six techniques that I've come up with using Ranger products that I know you will find fun and entertaining! But I'm keeping them a surprise until after I get home from San Diego!

All classes have the same supply list:

Tape runner
Glue Stick
Grungy clothes!

But I know how you all are, you always want to bring your entire studio to the store! I'll get a supplemental supply list up in a few days. In the meantime, Liz will get these classes posted this Wednesday and you can call in and sign up! Just click on her store at the top of my blog!


Debbie said...

NOT FAIR NOT FAIR LOL....I wish I lived closer, I would be the first name on your list. I love your web page....What an Awesome idea.


Jen Lowe said...

So Deb, San Diego, July, real close to the beach, great excuse for a vacation! Come take the classes, play and I'll even treat you to a late night dinner after classes! Oh, come on! You know you want to!!! LOL Liz's store is literally just blocks from Sea World!

sharon said...

I wish I could come too but I'm in Australia LOL! Maybe I'll win the lottery..... said...


I really wish I could be there for all of them! Have you considered doing something virtual/online? I'd gladly sign up for those! I may not have all the materials, but I'm sure I could make do! I've actually started a similar project for myself of techniques (and more), but I'm using a 2.25 X 4 Rolodex ('cuz I just happened to have one lying around, so the price was right!) I'm also including sections for Wizard recipes, contact info, dies cut samples, and anything else I can think of. Just wish I had more time to play!