Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remote controls, snow and Colorado "hi's"

I went down to mom's on Friday morning. She is just too much fun! And when she had all 4 remote controls spread out on her lap trying to switch from cable to DVD so we could watch a movie, I just had to get a photo of it!

I keep telling her it's better than my living room - Kerry has EIGHT remotes for that system!

For the life of me, I don't know why that can't just fix it so all we need is ONE! LOLOL!!!

I left mom's on Saturday morning and drove up through the central mountains to Colleen's house. Just in case you are hot, I took pics of the snow. There is more, and it is lower, than I ever remember for the end of June in Colorado.

We've had many summers when there was nothing left at the first of May.

I guess it's true - if you life in the mountains, you're lucky enough!

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Ginni said...

Is it any wonder Aspen is still open for skiing?? I keep saying, "it's God's country!!"