Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Colorado Chapter of Art Clay Society

We had our June meeting at Colleen's house this past weekend. What a fun, fun group of ladies! All so incredibly talented. It was fun to see all their latest jewelry designs.

Our topic was "Blogging your Art" so there were lots of laptops in the room!

And then we tried quilling with paper type metal clay

Sherry brought her "kids" who were having just a bit too much fun!

We had "show and share" where you bring your creations, show them off, and share your techniques

And we shared the latest books we've found

Well, I guess I should confess that we shared food, drinks, and wonderful home made cookies as well!

You're looking at Colleen's studio - I do think she has more jewelry making stuff than I'll ever have! One whole huge room just for jewelry! How fun is that?

It was a great day on Saturday, and the drive back to Denver was just perfect. More snow at Eisenhower tunnel. I wonder if it will be there all year long!

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