Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Talk About Images

As promised yesterday, today's blog is all about the new stamp company and what I did with their stamps at the show yesterday. But first, I need to let you know my sources!

Accent Scrapbooking was at this show and on Friday, I picked up some clear acrylic tags from them to play with. Now you all know how much I love the acrylic word books I get at Scrapbook Your Life! - but I think you will also enjoy all the clear acrylic items this company has as well!

The blossoms and brads are all from Creative Impressions.

And I'm using Ranger's alcohol inks, jet black Archival ink, and new white pens. If you can't find the white pens near you, I still have some for sale here, just $3.00 each.

As you can see, a lot of white pen workon the top, stamped images on the bottom, I even used the white pen over on the mylar flowers. It was so much fun!

If you want to purchase any of these stams from Talk About Images, just email them at

The swirls are the only stamp not from them, it's from MSE.

Love the vibrant background colors in this one. You will see each came out a little different. And notice all the different flowers I attached to the top ofeach one....endless possibilities!

I liked this one so much I kept it! Most of the others were given to Accent Scrapbooking or Talk About Images as samples for future shows (or to put on the mouse trap at home!)

Here's on that Leesa alcohol ink...just snowflake stamps. Really cute!

Which inspired me to do this one. will not find this stamp anywhere. One of these days, we are going to talk about ALTERING stamps! YIKES! Yep...we alter everything else that we do, so why not alter stamps? Terry, Lisa's hubby, gave me a big collage stamp that was marked bad and said, "here, cut this up!" that's just what I did! I cut out the elements from the stamp, then make a new collage that worked just fine on these little tags.

I know some of you would never even consider taking your stamps off their wood. Let alone cut them up! I know...have you picked yourself up off the floor yet? :o)

You will need to stare at this one. Half is yesterday's technique on the bottom and the other half is white pen on the top. Can you tell the divison line in the photos? Pretty 3D looking in real life!

Like how I can make the blossom on the top match any ink I put on the tag!

Look what a dark colored felt snowflake does to this blossom! Oh, forgot to won't find the dots on the stamps either...I added a lot of "embellishments" to the stamps!

Creative Impressions makes these really big brads that you can stamp on. Can you tell that I just played all day long???

Another altered stamp on the bottom border of this one. Are you starting to see the possibilities here?

Believe it or not, I didn't photo everything I did! I showed how to alter the color of the brads with alcohol ink...and there's one tag where we used the metallic inks and made a matching brad. I guess I was just too busy having fun to get a photo of everything!

I met so many really nice new friends at the show this weekend. And yet again, I met someone who knows somene else that I am good friends that "less than 6 degrees" is still at work in my life!

Tomorrow....more things to do with blossoms.....and maybe we'll talk more about altering stamps! (GASP!) Right now, I best go tend to the weeds in the yard before the local HOA inspectors come knocking at my door! Just know, if it were up to me...the weeds could take over...I'd much rather play in my studio!

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