Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Another acrylic word book. I need to remind you that you these run between $11.99 and 14.99 each and you can custom order any word up to 15 letters. "Mom" is a standard generic one that the store has in stock. I did the polished stones technique on the back of "mom, backed it with white paper so it would show and added chipboard cutouts on top.

Created my photo mounts on the back...then decided since I don't have photos with me, I'd stamp and use my Ranger white pen. The girl and the flourish are 2 separate stamps.

The next 3 pages are all clear acrylic. I painted on these and stamped with acrylic paint. Then drew my "photo mounts" with a black pen. I also used the white pen....but look closely, you can see through to what's on the 2 pages behind this page. The best way to "watch" this is to look at th epink flower on the far left side.

Now you see 3 paint in a smaller area than where the white paint was. Another "photo mount" squared off in black

and here you see the whole flower. This was a really fun project. The "M" on this page is done with pale pink embossing poswer...just be careful not to heat the acrlic! It will melt!

Just ask me how I know this! LOLOL!

Should have said I'm using a few MSE stamps on this one...but the girl here is from 100 Proof Press, with an MSE swirl from her had. More Ranger white pen.

I love these little girls from CI Stamps. More MSE swirls and chipboard on this page. Note, for this one, I used black pen against the light background.

Finally, a Stampin Up stamp and an MSE swirl repeated with white pen. Totally fun!

I'm only blogging one project per day....and there are so many more that I haven't posted yet. This has truly been such a fun time out here in San Diego.

So I must end today's blog with a shout out to Liz and Kristal. Today, I walked into the store and they surprised me with a Revolution (die cut system)!!! I spent the whole evening playing with it and I'll have it with me Tuesday so you can come play with it, too!!! I really didn't think I wanted to learn yet another diecut system...but you know what? It's just another way to spend my time playing!!!


Edie said...

I can't see the images - I get a 404 error.

Jen Lowe said...

edie, I think they will look a bit better now. My mistake! Sorry!