Saturday, April 26, 2008

When I pick a place to play.....

I pick the best! Today, I thought I'd take you on a tour of Scrapbook Your Life! in San Diego CA, where I have been playing for the past 2 weeks....and will be "living" there most of this coming week!

6400 Square Feet.....that's SIX THOUSAND, 400 SQUARE FEET!!!! What a wonderland to play in!!!

More Disney, Vacation, Beach, San Diego, local tourist attractions......themed paper, stickers and embellies than you can fathom!

I call these "rounders", but they are square, with paper, stickers, chipboards, flowers, glitter...on all 4 sides...all coordinating...everywhere on the store floor. So much to many things to buy!!!

My favorite paper this week:

with "to die for" chipboard embellies to match. I used these on my "MOM" acrylic word book that I will post tomorrow. I made the whole thing in under an hour! Sooooooo easy!!!

Now, in all honesty, I will confess....the store was looking a little sparse the last time I was out here. But wow! Have they stocked it up! And just in the last 2 - 3 weeks....everything is filling up fast! How do I know? Well, I was there til 11 pm last night and when I left, 3 very dedicated staff people were STILL there putting new product out on the shelves!!!

boy stuff, girl stuff, baby stuff....all the new Fiskar's baby line....with three peas in a pod! It's so totally cute. And I "don't do baby"! LOLOL!

So much glue, tape adhesive....where do I start? My cart is already so full....and my bags are way overweight for the trip home!!!

So much ribbon I couldn't get it all in the photo!!! Lots of drooling on my part. Ribbon is one of my great weaknesses!!!

paints, inks, pens, melt art, Ranger (yeah!)....this is probably my fav part of the store. I call this the "toy" section. And I am pushing, pushing, pushing for them to get in product. I even ordered some stuff for this section.....the new Scor-It Mini AND the tote for it....Tim Holtz sentiment keys, my fav colors of distress inks AND reinkers....just so much stuff that was being put out and added late last night after I took these pics!

So, here you go...the FAMOUS "wall of paper". As far as you can see. And this is JUST the patterned paper!!! Thousands of different designs. I come in and we'll count them together!

And the solid colored papers are on these squares....both sides! So much paper! I call my girlfriend a "paper whore".....but I think we could say the same for this store! Just so much paper...I LOVE IT!!!

At least a dozen more HUGE boxes of product to put out when I left at 11 pm!!!

Almost forgot the punch section. I do love my diecuts (Liz just ordered $2600.00 worth of Spellbinders nestabilities and new dies!!! Hope they get here this week!!!)

And the classroom where I will be this week! I promise the boxes will be gone today!!!

This store includes a play area for your kids with TV, Disney DVDs and toys. I've even seen grown men taking naps on the floor in the play area while they wait for their partners to finish shopping!

There's a computer in the class room, so your hubby can browse the internet while you are shopping....or you can take a break and check your emails (ok, who on earth does that when there's this much to buy???) :o)

This truly is a mecca of things to play with! Today, I promise to take lots of photos of new product and this might be a double-blog day....if I get home in time I'll add all those tonigh!

Ah! Wouldn't you love to be a mouse in my pocket today? Come and play the JLo way in a scrapbook mecca like this? I can hardly wait to get on the road and get down there just to see what's new on the shelves!!!

My class today is at 1 hurry on down, there are still openings. We're doing 4" x 4" square acrylic albums....and I'm changing out what we will be doing even as I type this (because there is so much new stuff in the store right now!)

Doors open at 10 am. If you get there before me.....don't buy it all!!!

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