Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let's Play Monopoly

As a child, I loved to play monopoly. It was the game that lasted forever....and ever! Today was my "Third Thursday" play group. There were 10 today....we call ourselves the "Basement Babes" and everyone comes to my house to play. Some of the most incredible artists in the industry (in my opinion) and they all gather in my basement studio to play. Today...we altered cigar boxes. I decided to make mine a Monopoly purse. It really is all about playing the game of art!

Well, I got a glare, turned the flash off, and this one came out too blue...I just can't win with my camera! The papers are all EK Success game papers inked with Ranger's Vintage Photo distress ink.

But you get the idea! I borrowed a handle from a Judy Stonhouse purse...and then altered it by drilling holes through dice, adding monopoly card tops to wood blocks and adding a couple of alphabet beads. Love how this handle came out!

And do I ever do anything without collage? Sometimes I wonder...but just a little corner of game pieces, brads, odds and ends:

This is actually a key chain. I cut the chain part off and inked it with alcohol inks and then used E6000 to adhere it to the front of the box:

It flips open, a drawer slides out and you can actually play this miniature game!!!

Stuck a piece from a wood yardstick on one end:

And this is the back:

I hope to do a whole series of game boxes....and then find the game in the size that will fit inside the box. Don't you think this would be a cute way to store and display games? I can just see a whole row of these on the shelf. Now, who wants to come over and play monopoly with me!!!

I just love the Basement Babes....they keep my creative juices flowing and it's fast becoming my favorite day of each month! You know, we had play groups in Kindergarten.....I think it's great to have play groups as adults! The bonus part is that it forces me to clean my studio at least once a month!!!

Monopoly. Just another way to play the game of art!


Margie H said...

OMGosh, Jen!! This is FABULOUS!!!!!!! Love the details in all parts of the purse esp. the handle. Where in the world did you find that keychain?! Leave it up to you to find treasures in your "hunts!" LOL!! Thanks for a GREAT share!! MargieH in Chicago

Jen Lowe said...

At a kite shop in Boulder CO called "Into the Wind". Probably check your local game stores.

But I googled and found them here as well:


Kid Kathy said...

When you see it for real (not the pic) you just want to grab the dice and play the game. It's really cool. I agree about "playing"--when we get to be adults (not me, though) we are taught that playing is for kids. Well, I want to be a kid again so I can play forever.

Put your different games on a bookshelf in your "painted" room--that would make it a game/play room.

Gerrie said...

Oh, how fab! You are killing me here with all the great stuff...I NEED to make this....I have a DH, he is sweet, kind and understanding, but I have to talk to him sometimes! hugs

Anonymous said...

I love your purse! I have tried searching EK Success for the Monopoly paper but can't find it.
Could please send me the link or tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'd really like to get the paper asap.