Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let's Play the Game!!!

Not long ago, I made a Monopoly purse from a cigar box. I just had so much fun making it and wanted to make some today, I made a "purse" for playing cards. But it's really going to go up on the shelf and hold our decks of cards in it.

I used Design Original paper for the background

And then I mostly used junk jewelry. A local gal has a garage sale every spring and fall and sells it all for a buck a piece...just too cheap to pass up! Some old playing cards on the top. The diamond...I cut out from a napkin. Yes...I'll use anything! Notice the little bottle in the lower right? You can barely see, but it has mini dice inside of it. To ink, I just poured a few drops of alcohol ink down into the bottle after I had the dice inside.

That old ruler on the bottom is about a 1/2" square. So you can't see that above it....a matchbox (the rectangle in black). Yep, a vintage matchbox with playing card elements on top. The "777" a pin front. More elements cut out from napkins as well. My dice are aged with latte alcohol ink from Ranger. Everything gets adhered with E6000.

My first attempt ever to drill through dice. Man! Does that ever stink! I can still smell it! Beads are from an old necklace that I took apart. The cigar box cost $2. Not much expense in this one at all!!!

Down in the lower left hand corner....the diamonds are by Creative of my all time favorite companies. They are heat set...just so cool! The metal hearts in the upper left hand corner and the crystal rhinestones are all from this company. Cool stuff!

I think I want to do Chutes & Ladders....and then Scrabble. Oh dear! Where do you end? When do you stop? I see a whole wall done with cigar box purses filled with games......and I just have to get it out of my head and on to the shelf! LOL!!!

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Another day, another fabulous ride, luv it!