Friday, February 1, 2008

Well, Stickle my jeans!!!

I have had such an incredibly fun week with my sis here. And actually getting a few things done! This is a pair of jeans that I started while I was in the Ozarks visiting Linda Peterson. I wanted a pair of bleached jeans and they just did not bleach. Linda, it was the bleach pen! I bought a new one...worked perfect!

Not your ordinary bleached out jeans. I stamped loads of Autumn Leaves and Fancy Pants swirl stamps down the entire side of the jeans.

Then I painted each stamp with the bleach pen. Let that set for 2 hours. Washed and dried them.

Then I went up the center of each bleach line with a Ranger Adirondack's permanent. And covered that with a layer of turquoise stickles.

And then, I added 100 (yep, that ONE HUNDRED!!) crystal rhinestones. These are the heat set type...and not very expensive at all. Only $6.75 for 100 of them.

So, I know the stickles will wash out...but that's sort of the plan. I can re-do it with a different color and everyone will think I have a new pair of jeans! I hunted high and low for a pair that I didn't care if I ruined or not...finally settled on some that are 2 sizes too small. Hmmm...I think this just might be diet motivation....I MUST wear these by summer!

What have you stickled lately?


Linda Peterson Designs said...

Oh mY GOODNESS!!! JEN THESE ARE JUST WONDERFUL!!! If we would have thought it was the bleach pens fault while you were here, we could have run to walmart to get another one!!! These are just perfect!!!

Okay...wait till you see what Im working on...beginning stages...but ...Im hoping it will be a winner!
By the way...where did you buy all the rhinestones?
See ya! Linda

Jen Lowe said...

Hey Linda! Just click on the $6.95 in the text above and it will take you right to the website for Creative Crystals. I just LOVE them! :o)

Ron said...

Awesome job, Jen!

Gerrie said...

WOWZA! a while laughing here....I went out and bought a bedazzle to do this on my jeans...set 8 and quit....wanna free bedazzle? So when I can fit into my jeans....I'll try this!

Jen Lowe said...

Why quit at 8 when there's only 92 more to go?


Debby said...

These jeans rock! How very clever! I must try this!