Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thinking outside the box

Amaco makes a wire armature
that everyone seems to think should be the outside frame for their project. Even their project sheet uses it in that manner. So when I received on, I decided to make it the "box" and design outside of it. What fun!!!

Their wire frame is the base of this dress form. I used their wire mesh to shape the dress form by simply pressing and rolling it around a dress form that I had.

I then dribbled layer after layer of melted beeswax over the mesh. Sort of cool how it covers some of the screen, yet leaves part of it as open holes. After the beeswax, I layered on some gold leaf. Love that stuff!!! And then over the the left, a sash of Amaco's metal diecut and embossed using my Wizard. Love that paisley die!

On the right, I simply ruffled the remaining mesh and tipped it out with some purple colored melted beeswax and added some rhinestones while the wax was still hot. Used my Ranger Melting Pot to keep the beeswax nice and warm.

Finally, the pendant that went around it. Melted beeswax, colored and Amaco's fun wire...gotta love that stuff. A Krafty Lady mold to make the girl, but the stones were hand formed.

This one won a nice prize in an Amaco competition. I think it was "best use of product". But I thought it was my best "thinking outside the box" because I literally went outside the box. It's about 2' yeah, rather large when you see it in person! Hmmm...thinking outside the box. I wonder where it will take me next!

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Gerrie said...

Oh my.......this is so beautiful! Is this the one I posed for?!!!