Monday, May 19, 2008

SBYL! Technique classes

I'm going back to San Diego in July and will be teaching a series of technique classes. So I've decided to post my "teasers" here. I'll share a little...but if you want to learn it on out and join us for a couple of weeks of sheer fun!!!

Guess I'd best figure out the dates real soon, huh?

Ink and spritz transfer. Stamp the ink pad direct to a craft sheet or wax paper. Spritz water onto the ink. I did this with distress ink first:

Drag the card through the water/ink mix, dry, drag again or blot. Do this as often as you like to get layers.

I'm using white paper for these. Try different shades of paper for different looks! Here I'm using Marvy inks. You can try this with any ink...just have fun!

Look at the vibrant colors I got here.

My final card with distress inks:

and my final card with Marvy inks:

These are ATC sized cards. I used B-Line, MSE and SU stamps on these.

I need to come up with a name for these classes. Here's what I have so far:

TTCs - technique trading cards - but you probably wouldn't want to "trade" these!
CTCs - creative technique cards - but what if some are not so "creative"?
DTCs - designer technique cards - but they really aren't "designer" either!
ITCs - imagineered technique cards
JTCs - JLo's technique cards
LTCs - Linjeneered technique cards - but then I gotta get Lindy Lou to help me out!!!
STCs - scramping technique cards - but I think someone might think they are sexually transmitted! LOLOL! any other ideas? What title would lure you into a class? These are all going to be techniques that you can use with backgrounds, cardmaking, rubber stamping, scrapbooking....just ways to help you use the products you already have. Each class will teach several techniques using the same product....and then the we'll move on to different products. I'll use at least 2 brands of each product when I can. I think it's going to be fun!


Katzele (Bea from France) said...

Arc en ciel technique cards

Katzele (Bea from France) said...

Arc en ciel means rainbow and as the colors of the rainbow came after the rain, the colors of your card came after your "rain water"

Hope that makes sens...

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Great stuff! Luv the brights! Class name.....Play with the other side of your brain!

Ron said...


Love the idea of the Technique Cards! Great way for folks to learn and then take the idea with them! Couldn't CTC stand for Crafty Technique Cards if you don't like 'creative'? Technique on the front and notes on the back - I think I wanna make me some! Actually a couple of friends are coming over on the 31st to 'play' - I may borrow this ides from you if that's okay?!


Jen Lowe said...

Now Ron! You can't'd have to give it back! LOL! But feel free to use the's all about getting everyone to use the products they have...or enable them to spend more money! Hope you have a great play day!!!