Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recycle that old suede jacket!!!

The other day I blogged about diecutting suede and I used a sixxix doll clothes die to dress Lucy McGoo.

Today, I decided to use 3 different sizzix dies in my Wizard to make a wonderful array of suede flowers. Sad to say the photos do not do these justice!

You can mix and match these in a nearly endless ways. For this one, I put the leather side up on the red, the suede side up on the blue and added Swarovsky crystals.

All 3 layers are suede side up for both of these:

Then I decided to try Art Institute glitter on them. These are tiny little dots of glue covered with glitter:

The green is free form Art Insitute Glitter. The red is Ranger's stickles covered with Art Insitute Glitter. Goes on a lot thicker.

Th gold dots are Art Institute Glitter. I just love all the different combinations you can get out of these 3 flowers:

Gold Swarovsky crystals, green Art Institute Glitter

Back to simple and plain. The sandwich for these in the Wizard is:

Sizzix die
Universal adapter mat

Another thread of Art Institute Glitter

The red is leather side up. I really like this one!

Four layers of suede on this one, but what can I say...it's stunning!

Never toss out anything! Just cut it up and run it through your Wizard or other diecutting system! Recycle, Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-generate. And just look at what incredibly wonderful embellishments for some future project.

Got any blue suede shoes? They would work just fine!


Wanda H said...


TA Carbone said...

Oh Jen what a wonderful idea. I have my husbands leather/suede jacket from before he passed away and just didn't know what to do with it. Now I know. I can make special things like flowers, etc and put it on the layout pages I am going to do with his pictures :)
aka TA

Jen Lowe said...

What an absolutely wonderful idea!!! I am loving sixxiz dies with leather. Have some old cow hides I want to try (don't ask!) but I need to find my leather paints. No idea where I stashed them!