Monday, March 17, 2008

Nesting Nestabilities, part 2

Yesterday, I showed how to fold the Nestabilities circle die into a cute flower on a tag. I do think you can nest and fold these into unlimited ways. I have a tiny amount of experience with origami, and decided to play some more with this concept.

Once again, start with a half folded circle. Same products, inks, papers as yesterday. You want to bone fold this crease.

Fold up in half again, but do not bone fold or score this fold line.

Pretend the center of the straight side is letter B. One end is letter A and the other end is letter C. The center of the scalloped edge is D.

You want to fold from D, straight down to B. But because this is the scalloped edge you ar folding, don't worry about getting it perfect. Just fold it over like this!

Fold the other side up the same way. They will overlap. Looks a little like a heart.

Open up the scallops and fold the center top down. Again, Don't crease any of this, just do it with our hands. You don't want a scored fold....just what I call a soft fold.

Definitely time for a manicure! LOL! OK, from another the scallops and fold in the tips

Do that to both sides:

Pull the centers up and it should look just like this. You can shape it to look more like a petal like this:

Look what happens if you set these as a square. Hmmm....I might have to do something with this!

This is 3 circles folded:

This is 4 circles folded:

Next I used the Sizzix scalloped tag die in my Wizard and then embossed it with the new music embossing folder from Cuttlebug in the Wizard. No look at this. Do you see my intentional mistakes?

The paper is upside down and it is debossed, not embossed. Seriously. Would you purposely do this all backwards and upside down? Well, why not? It makes you step outside your box and see things a little differently. Hold on, I think you might like it!

Attach the flower. I decided to go back to just 3 circles. I like it much better

Add a stamp, som swirl stamps, some fiber, and those are vintage paper flowers in the center of the nested nestabilities.

So, upside down paper, debossed music score, stamps, and nested nestabilities. Would you rather make this tag at the show in San Diego? And don't you dare email and tell me you want ot make both tags! There's just not enough time! LOLOL!!!


Wanda H said...

wow!!! These ideas you are posting are amazing!!! Thanks so much for the step-by-step pics and directions!!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

OMG! I am leaving my DH and moving in.....on my way!