Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Recycling those old stickers

If you are like me, you have boxes and bins filled with old stickers, partially used sheets of stickers....things from your recent past that area already so far out of style you may never use them! I blogged a couple of cigar boxes that I covered with altered/distressed stickers (you can search "cigar boxes" on this blog to find them) and now, I'm going to show my next way of reviving old stickers.

What can I say? Yuck to these stickers!

All I did was add some Art Institute glitter and I think I'll keep these now!

My whole kitchen is decorated in chili peppers. I have no idea why....because I'd like to be a "red hot mama"????? NOT! But I do have a thing for chili peppers. But not getting much out of this sheet of stickers:

Until I covered them in Art Institute glitter.

I attached that front sticker to black card stock, cut it out, then used a pop dot to give it some depth.

A bit too cutesy for me:

But I stuck a row of flowers on some cardstock

Added some glitter and a bottom row of flowers. Well, still a bit cutesy, but a little better. Maybe I'll take off that bottom row...must be the faces that I don't like!

Are you starting to get a trend here? 2008 is the year to recycle and reuse. Time to drag out all those old stickers and see what you can do with them. After all....Grandma and Aunt Mae would just love to get a card from you and how are they going to know how old your stickers are? And playing with glitter? I went into Kentucky Fried Chicken after my play day in glitter. The girl behind the counter absolutely cracked up laughing at me. I guess I didn't realize just how much I had gotten all over my face and my clothes!

But I figure life can't get any better than when you can give someone else a reason to laugh!


Theresa said...

Glitter makes everything better, LOL. You forgot the third 'R'---'reduce', but I don't personally think I can assimilate that one into my scrapbooking life.
Love the blog.

Jen Lowe said...

Reduce? Isn't that a four-letter-word? LOL!