Monday, February 11, 2008

Lucy's Play Date

Every now and then, I host a play date at my house. It's all about finding the child inside of you and letting her play. Today....a perfect play date! Eleven of us, gathered in my basement studio for chocolate, food, and creative play! Here's Shelly & Karen:

And Kathy:

From left in the back, Tanny, Karen, Sherri, Peggy
In front, Shelly, Judy, Rose, Kathy & Kathleen

Colleen & I were taking the photos.

We all had lunch at Zamparelli's where I presented Nancy with her new cigar box purse. I do think she liked it!

Today, we made star books with tags using the Bind-it-all. Here's one that Shelly did using bosskut dies. Oh dear...I might have to have some of these dies. They are just so delicate and intricate..I just love them!

Karen did this one using stamps

And Peggy made this one using 3D pop-ups:

Mine is called "My ABCs"

And it's made to look like a sampler:

I used Ranger ink to distress the tags and tried to place the pages in the color of a rainbow

It seems that every time we meet, there are always leftovers from lunch. The girls will put them in the refrigerator to keep throughout the afternoon. But every time, Sherri seems to leave hers behind. So today, she literally put her car keys on top of her leftovers inside the refrigerator. That way, she couldn't go home without it! LOLOL!

Such an amazingly talented and fun group. I am so honored to have each of these gifted women as my friends.

Good food, chocolate, friendship and creative play. Life is perfect!


Margie H said...

Oh, it's so good to put names w/ faces! Thanks, Jen! And thank you for posting the picture w/ Nancy getting that FAB purse! Looks like all of you gals were having too much fun!!!

Kathy said...

It was really way too fun--it's too bad that ALL the Woocies could not be here. "Play" is the operative word. No stress, just using our hands and minds to show our individual creativity. And, thanks to Jen for her wonderful "star" vision in reality. I slept like a baby all night with a smile on my face. The inspiration I get from all the others is boundless.