Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Play Hard today.....

Why? Well, there might not be a tomorrow? Scrabble is one of my all time favorite games....and I'm just horrible at spelling. But I love the game. Go figure!

The words read: Let the child in you play hard today. I sort of like that!

This is a domino tile that I did in one of Tim Holtz's classes. Stamp on the tile, cover the edges with metal and add lots of charms. Quite fun.

The little letter blocks are from Stanislaus Imports. On a wire wrapped and beaded around a key. One of the largest keys I've ever seen, it was a gift from Sherri....I need her to find me more of these!!!

A fun little collage behind the pocket watch (more Tim techniques) and another altered domino from his class.

And a Scrabble keychain that I've aged:

It opens an dyou can really play the game.

Cute little handle done with blocks and beads. I used Latte alcohol ink to age the wood beads.

A view from the side, you can see it's not too lumpy...just about right:

And on the back, just a collage piece of paper....but do you see my signature in the center?

I have really been playing hard these past few weeks. What a release of energy and creative thoughts. Do you take time to play every single day? Do you play hard? No time to start like the present!


Gerrie said...

Luv it GF!

Anonymous said...

I luv it! What a great idea. Can't wait to make one for my daugher for her birthday!