Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Life Interrupted

I keep saying that I'm going to make a 2008 calendar....but things keep cropping up that interrupt my play time. So I've decided to take a couple of shortcuts. The first is to share a calendar that I made in 2006. This was so much fun to make! And then I'm going to take it apart and use bits and pieces from it for my new calendar:

There's a whole lot to look at on just the outside cover. The theme was "Moments" and I used Spellbinders fonts to diecut the words across the top and the year. There's even a Shazzam die in the ribbons....see the "M"? I inked it to match the calendar.

This was the year I went to London, Chesterfield and Paris. What a fun trip!

And lots of little charms and such tied into the ribbons as well.

On the pages and between the pages....about 50 tiny little pockets to tuck notes and moments down into. Even some full sized file folder pockets:

I made some of the pockets....some were purchased:

The calendars were created in Excel, printed on photo paper, and stippled with ink to match the background paper colors.

My goal was to put samples of new dies on each page.....but I was just so busy....I couldn't keep up with it!

And how easy to make all kinds of vellum pockets!

and use premade manilla envelopes from the office supply store....can we say "cheap"?

And of course, 7Gypsies has tons of pockets and tags to offer:

Big and small....they really were fun to make!

The calendar was actually too big to carry around. Almost 8" x 6" x 3" thick. So rather than use was on display most of the year. I carried it with me as I walked the floor at CHA....certainly got the attention of many who passed by. But just not practical!

And did take me about a week to make. Most of that was spent editing and designing the actual templates in Excel. So with that task behind me, it should go much quicker this time....if I can just get to my studio! It will be fun to see how I can alter this calendar into a new size (5" x 5") re-ink the pockets to match my new color scheme, add art dolls...and just play.


Margie H said...

WOW! I love this esp. all the different pockets, including all the diecuts and the charms! What a great book! TFS! MargieH in Chicago

AimeeInOhio said...

Jen that is beautiful, as usual. I was looking at it wondering HOW BIG your purse must be to carry that bad boy around! LOL Then I got to the end.

I recently bought a new binder for my planner- RED pebbley fake leather. I want to stamp on it and alter it a bit....ah maybe over the weekend.

Jen Lowe said...

Margie, thanks for ALL of the comments you have left! was originally sized to fit inside of the smallest piece of Chatterbox Luggage, the "handbag". And it worked just perfect except that not much else went in there with it! LOL!

Maybe I will post my altered Chatterbox luggage later this sure is a show-stopper whenever I travel with it!