Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

I have a cold, so we stayed home last night and I spent my evening watching videos about digital scrapbooking! For this one, I took my aunt and uncle out of the photo in my last blog and learned how to "spherize" them into an ornament! I didn't even know "spherize" was a word! But it is in photoshop! Filter/distort/shperize. Great tutorial by Scrappers Guide on this one!

And how fun is that font? Called "Bleeding Cowboys" and it's free at DaFont. I can hardly wait to see what else I can learn. I'm thinking digi scrapping may be rather addictive.

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Margie H said...

I have yet to try DigiSB but I know it would be less of a mess....hmmm, sounds like a great motivator! LOL!!

Happy new year!

MargieH in Chicago