Thursday, January 3, 2008

The cutest digital greeting card ever!

My cousin, Nathan, is married to April, who is probably the first person to inspire me to do anything digital. She is an amazing photographer and has the absolute cutest 3 little kids for her subjects. Now, I don't send out Christmas cards, but I do tend to receive a ton of them. April & Nathan's card is just so cute that I had to share it here, with their permission, of course! I'd have to say that she digitally scrapped her card perfectly! But can't you just imagine what fun she had getting the little ones to pose for these photos?

But how she got all 3 of them to look this cute at the same time...and not blink their eyes is beyond me!!!

I have to tell you this card has been the center of attention for all of our guests these past couple of weeks! Everyone has just loved it. You can check out more of April's work at Moore Creations. She does wedding invitations, announcements, advertisements, catalogs, billboards, brochures and more! So if you are in the market...

I love this line of cards that she created with her kids!

And she did the brochure for our Aunt's B&B in Syracuse, IN, the Anchor Inn.

Now, be careful what you send might show up here! LOL! And April, thanks for continuing to inspire me to do more with my digital scrapbooking!

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