Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank you cards with all those flowers

I decided to turn all the flowers into "thank you" cards for Kerry to send out for the gifts he received during his surgery. So, if you read my blog - don't expect one - yours is here! LOLOL!!!

On this one, the sentiment is inside

I didn't make a video of this flower, it's just to easy. Cut scalloped rings, cut in half, fold over with a brad in the center - fun, huh?

Might have to do more of these:

When you make the whole background match, the flower really stands out:

Another one:

I could have done them all the same, but what's the fun in that? So variations you can make using the videos I've done over the past 4 days. And of course, you can cut these in fabric, metal, leather....anything. Give it a try!

Finally, with just petals I had left over, I put this cute card together:

Quick, easy, fun.....I hope the recipients enjoy them as well!

Thanks for watching the videos. I'm off working on more!

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