Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucy McGoo's Little Store

Some of you may have not known that for the past 4 years, I've had a little scrapbook store in my basement teaching studio. It's been primarily for my students.....things I think they might forget to bring to a class. But over time, I have added lots of fun stuff.

Sad to say with the changes coming next year for self employed individuals, I find it best to close my little store by the end of this year. But that's just good luck for everyone who doesn't attend my classes - I'm going to be listing a lot of it on ebay and you can have a chance to bid on it - most items are going to start at 99 cents and run for either 7 or 10 days with no reserve. I'm not going to do "buy it now" because I just think it's so much fun to do a "real" auction! But, if there's something you see that you want, you can always email me with an offer as I probably have more than 1 in my store.

You can always go right to my blog and scroll down on the right hand side to a frame that you can arrow through to see what's in my sore. Or bookmark this post and then click on this link to see what's new.

and if you click to the right of the image below, an arrow will come up and you can look at what's for sale any time.

If I don't get 99 cents for it - it will go in the big garage sale/art show the Starving Artists are having here on Sep 18. Should be fun!!!

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