Friday, February 13, 2009

Mobile home, part 2

I just loved your guesses as to what this was going to be and why I call it "mobile home". My friend, Kelly, gave me a Judy's Stone House heart shaped wood purse and asked if I would decorate it for her. You can see the original box purse here

And I happen to know that Kelly collect's bird houses. So I thought - what a cute idea....turn this purse into a bird house.

So, the purse is "mobile" as you can take it with you....and it's a home for birds....a bird, it's a "mobile home" for birds!

Now you know why Kerry was laughing! LOLOL!!!! We do have fun around here!!!

So, taking a closer look - I drilled a hole in the middle and outlined it with layers of nestabilities cut dies. Once I added the brown, I knew I had to go back and add some brown penwork and distress the edges. It didn't look right as pale as it was.

The little bird is just a cheap (3 for $1.99) white feathered bird from the craft store. BUT.....I watercolor painted the thing. How cute is that? Added a doo-dad tape measure (Design Originals) and wire to the top of the wing. A ring thru the nose (did you know bird's have nose rings?) and a key hanging from that.

On the head is a watch part and on the back, a bead, a watch part and a Tim Holtz spinner. Beyond words cute!

I covered the wood beads on the handle with paper.

Bought a grapevine wreath, soaked it in water (underwater basket weaving 102) straightened it out and hot-glued it to the box along with moss and fern.

Literally went out into the back yard and broke off a tree limb then cut it for the bird perch.  You can see from this angle that the's plenty of depth - but I think it will look just fine as a birdhouse.

Fine detail of wire wrapped around a do-dad ruler.  About time I started using up some of my really old stock.  "Borrowed" the concept for this idea from Nancy - one of the members of my yahoo group.  Thanks for the inspiration Nancy, but I still like what you did a whole lot better....I just don't do birds!  LOL!!!

From this view, you can see how I used the brown pieces of scrap for the inside edges of the house.  I did a colorwash using turquoise acrylic paint on the wood before I started.

I still just crack up when I think "mobile home"!  LOL!  But I am totally in love with the cricut and what you can do with it.  And remember, I made all this on my 2nd time using the machine... it sure is easy and not much of a learning curve at all!

So, with all the cricut diecuts, ink, penwork, and embellishments....I think I did a pretty good job of turning this heart shaped purse into a "mobile home" for birds. Oh me! I hope Kelly loves it! It's certainly brought a lot of laughter to our house this week!!! Maybe sometime I'll share the story about the 5 drills that got reduced to 2 drills yesterday!!!  But hey! I can now drill a hole in anything!!!  LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Totally wonderful end result--and it was fun coming up with the "identity" for it. The brown added just the right touch and made it complete.

Anonymous said...

Totally wonderful end result--and it was fun coming up with the "identity" for it. The brown added just the right touch and made it complete.

Elaine A said...

Jen -

You are just too funny and what a twisted sense of humor - LOL!!! But it turned out absolutely wonderful. Any bird would be glad to call this home.


Margie H said...


I think this is one of the best mobile house I've seen!!!! And the story tops it off! LOL!! TERRIFIC details...thanks for the inspiration!

Neet said...

This is absolutely fantastic! Love it love it, love it.

how do you come up with such wonderful ideas?