Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mobile Home - part 1

OK, you are going to look at these photos and say "Mobile home???" What is she talking about??? If you can figure it out....I'll find something to send you! But really - I wanted to show you a few of the fun things Kathy and I did with Cricut diecuts. And I have to say, I think this project is headed in the right direction - I am loving the look!

This next photo is more true to color as I'm using (yet again) my Heidi Swapp leftover paper.  But I did "home" in white and then did a shadow in white, layered the 2 together and inked around the edges.  

And take another look at the background - that flower - a cuttlebug embossing folder.  Now, the folder is way smaller than my project, so I did the embossing by hand with a stylus. Yep - it works just fine!  Lightly sanded the paper and then used my white pen to add the dashes and dots.
For this one, I cut the blue flourish in one size, then did a shadow cut in a larger size.  Sort of like what happened especially after I added blue pen to the white and white pen to the blue and did a little dot work on the background:
This bottom piece is simply  the leaves cut in blue.  Not shadowed or layered.  But loads of blue and white pen work.  Definitely gives your diecuts a different look.

And then the bird.  Cut in blue.  Shadowed in white.  With white pen on the top.  I think it's just perfect!

I was going to add ink to this piece, but I think I like it fine just as it is.  I also think I'm learning a whole new way to play with diecuts!  Truly love the intricacy of some of these cuts.

OK, have you figured out what "mobile home" means and where I'm headed with this?  Check back tomorrow night for the final project!


Elaine A said...

Hi Jen -

Let me say that I love this, the colors, the flourishes, the bird - the whole shebang!!! Now let me try and take a stab at what you mean by mobile home. Would it have anything to do with the saying "Home is where the heart is"? And you made this on the shape of a heart with the word home, and the mobile part comes in because you can move it to any room in the house or any home you move into? Told you it was a stab - LOL!! In any case, I really love this.

Elaine Allen

Jen Lowe said...

Well, it is going to be mobile. And it does have the word "home" on it. But nothing to do with the heart....other than that's the shape it is in for the moment! LOL!!! You will get a good laugh tomorrow!!! Kerry has been laughing all day long. He just looks at it, shakes his head and starts laughing! :o)

ms.cheryl said...

my turn... my take on this or the inspired thought that i was struck with didn't include any laughter.when i look at the heart and all its pretty swirls and the bird and the word home i think of Jesus living in my heart and that my heart is His mobile heart is the vessel in which Jesus lives.I can't imagine that is what you had in mind if Kerry is laughing about it,however, i wanted to share what i got out of your art work.
I am blessed by this piece just as it is, ms.cheryl

Edie said...

Ah. I was going for "home is where the heart's art is" or the art's heart is, depending on your perception. Then again, it reminded me of a crematorium urn, which gave a more macabre color to mobilility....yack! Then I thought maybe it's going to be for a basket on one of your mom's friends' walker or scooter.... I'm all outta ideas now. Time for a nap!

0752 in the ack emma

Jen Lowe said...

Your guesses are beyond brilliant and filling me with more ideas for future projects.....but not even close! LOLOL!!! Cheryl, what you wrote is wonderful. Thank you! urn? LOL!!! I can hardly wait til tonight! I'm off to take photos of the final project which dried (I hope!) overnight!

BurningRubber said...

Ok, let me give this a shot.... you moved the pieces around so many times ergo the mobile. Ok just a shot in the dark. LOL

Jen Lowe said...

LOLOL! OK....there is an amazing amount of truth to that comment....but no, not the reason for the name! I am going to laugh all day long over that one!!! If you only knew my "design" process. Kerry says if I'm not moving things around on a project....I'm moving things around in the house! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

It is going to be a moble and I think this might be the top of the moble and I can hardly wait to see what you add. And I think something like this would look fabulous in MY moble home. Yes, I live in a wonderful double wide "moble home". That isn't going anywhere! Keep up the great work. I really enjoy seeing what you come up when you play.

Norma Davenport

Ginni said...

Hmmmm, let's see. I believe the Cricut is actually Kathy's so could it be that it is going to be going back and forth between her house and yours???? LOL! Don't you know you are being a very naughty enabler? So far, I have totally resisted any of the electronic die machines, but you sure are making it harder!

Have fun!