Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another fun day....

I never knew learning could be so much fun! Kathy came over to teach me how to use the cricut. Here's her Expression hooked up to her laptop - what a gem she is to bring it all over here!

And the little individual cricut that does 6 x 12 on the other table with the big xyron - to make stickers for mom's retirement home:

I think we have stickers!  Kathy cut them out and inked them and I ran them through the will never ask for anything else!  LOLOL!

Just how many cards can she make and use the word "celebrate"???

and then we got to the "real" playing of the day!  These are from the home decor cartridge.....absolutely stunning!

This is just 1" long - and double layered. OK, I can get into this "shadow" cutting.

Gave the flowers a black shadow.

And we even finished a couple of cards.  This is from the negative of a diecut - you really can use it all.

And I have decided that I really like the cat.  The first card was too plain, but with a cuttlebug foldered background - not bad at all.  Inside it says, "Cat got your tongue?  Write soon!"

I'm still not a "card maker" - but it just got easier with the cricut!  Stay tuned for tomorrow night as I'm working on a major project that will be almost totally decorated with cricut diecuts.  I honestly never thought I would switch from my manual machines to an electronic diecutter - but I have to say - this is just too much fun.  

Or is it that Kathy is just an outstanding teacher!  Well, we had such a fun day that we've scheduled another play day for Monday.  Anyone else want to come play?   


GailnGA said...

I can't believe you've avoided "the bug" for so long. I LOVE my Expression but then again...I love anything associated with this hobby. Oh...I also love your site. I have you on my Google blog reader and I check several times a day to see if you've posted anything new. I love your stamps as well. I need to buy some from you but I don't do paypal. Do you sell them anywhere else? Keep up the good work.

Jen Lowe said...

Gail, I do take checks! And cash! LOL! Just email me at

I rarely post more than once a day - I do need time to play! :o)

As for the cricut - well - I just can't do everything! But I don't know why this took me so long!