Friday, February 27, 2009

Cricut and pewter

Yep, you read that right!!! You can diecut PEWTER and METAL in the Cricut!!! WOW!! I figured if you could cut chipboard, you could do metal. And I was right! Here's the settings:

Slowest speed
Highest pressure
Thick cut blade set to # 6.

One pass through is all you need!!! I did the word SOUL in Amaco's Art Emboss Light Weight metal:

Pulled it off and ran each letter through a cuttlebug embossing folder to give it texture:

I'm actually using the reverse of the purple side.....because I didn't have the shade of metal that I wanted. Here's the back of the "S":

To get my correct shade, I simply used my copic markers in the airbrush and applied smooth color that dried in 2 seconds!

OK - it really was so fast and easy!!! Next I started diecutting in pewter - Amaco's Art Emboss Pewter. Same settings. Equally excellent results! No, I'm not sharing just yet. I have a project brewing that is going to incorporate almost every single technique that Linda and I come up with this week. I think you are going to love has inspired me to just keep experimenting and trying new things!

We sort of took most of today "off". We ran up to Loveland to visit our friend Judy Caulkins who owns Judy's Stone House Designs. Remember the heart shaped purse that I turned into a birdhouse? I'm thinking we might just have to decorate a purse in Friendly Plastic!!!

Stay tuned for more fun coming up soon!!! I'm exhausted! But when you are having this much fun...who cares about sleep? Oh, and I have to report....a little Chambord with your Diet Coke sure helps the creativity flow! LOL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous news about the metal and fabulous results.