Friday, February 27, 2009

Friendly Plastic is like a butterfly and it's cocoon!

Well, really! I think Friendly Plastic has been stuck in it's cocoon for a few years now and we are going to see it emerge as just a beautiful, gorgeous butterfly!!!

I have never played with Friendly Plastic pellets before and oh my goodness! The things you can do with them! And I promise...we will show you how to do these things...but for this week, we are just to busy experimenting and creating to take the time to do videos! Just stay tuned because I promise, you won't be disappointed at all!!!

We will show you how to use a rheostat with your heat tools to control the temperature so you don't melt the plastic when you set rhinestones.

If you can emboss it, you can diecut and emboss it. You can ink it like glossy cardstock or matte cardstock. And what I like is that every single piece of excess (like scraps when you diecut) can be remelted, recolored and reused!!! And yes...even if you have inked or painted them!

You can embellish it, decorate it, layer it, add to it....and maybe later today I'll even share some "mechanical" uses for it! LOL!!!

You can back it with paper, metal, foil, chipboard, canvas....that list is just endless. Here, I simply embossed the butterfly and glued it over the back to cover my wire inside.

It truly is like a butterfly's cocoon.....nothing much to look at....until you "grow" it into something beautiful!!!

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