Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Think happy thoughts.....

Did you know that studies have proven that if you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you are going to be happy today....that you will be?

And that every time you start to think of something sad, if you change that to a happy thought - then pretty soon all your thoughts will be happy ones?

And that if you are a happy thinking person.....you can infect those around you and they will become happy thinking people as well!

OK - let's give it a try!!! I absolutely love making slider cards. I learned this from Susan Mostek who is an amazing artist. She was over last week....and of course, we made more slider cards. This one is titled "think happy thoughts" - of course!!!

When you pull on the ribbon at the top, the top and bottom slide out. Notice now that the heart is different from in the first photos?

 That's because it's an aperture cut - made with my Spellbinders nestabilities heart.  Cut thru 3 layers of paper to create an opening.

And the slides are just black cardstock, with birds cut from the cardstock, and lots of white ink and white pen work .  Just love Ranger's white pen!!!

Did I threaten to do a tutorial on how to make this card?  Or shall I just make you all come take a class from me?  LOL!  OK, now remember - think happy thoughts!!!  Paper, birds, hearts, flourishes, swirls....yep, pretty happy with all that I think!!!

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