Wednesday, December 17, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.....

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad.....

I simply remember
my favorite things...
and then I don't feel so bad!!!!

OK, now that you have that little song going around in your head for the rest of the are a few of my favorite things that you are going to need for 8 Nights of Lights....starting in just 4 days!

And no....I'm not ready at all!!!  LOL!!! 

First up - Opals And I'm giving you the links so you can order all of these products. You might not get them in time for the first night....but you will have them fast!!!

So, yes, you can use UTEE - but it's not the same. Opals are more pearlized (i.e. think Australian opals - the gemstone). And my fav colors are Wild Hibiscus (hot pink), Alpine Heath (mint green) and Macquarie (turquoise) with Franklin (clear) and Abalone (pearl).

Black hot glue sticks

Fantasy Film My fav shades are Aurora, Watermelon, and Satin. But then I really love them all!!!

Snowflake stamps (oh! I hope these links work!!!)

A hot glue gun - I like Aileen or Black & Decker best. And transparent (transluscent) glue sticks. Hot or cool, doesn't matter.

A Milwaukee heat tool - or something that really heats fast. Or you can use a Ranger heat it tool - and just take your time! LOL!

A Melting Pot, non-stick craft sheet, alcohol inks, distress inks......

Radiant Rain Daubers


Yes - time to play. Time to be creative. Time to make fun things!!! And of course, I will be telling you how to substitute product where I can. Like you can use your double broiler from the kitchen instead of a melting pot. It just takes a lot longer. But then, one of my favorite things is "time"!!!

How did time pass so fast? This was Christmas c 1963 - all 5 of us kids and 3 cousins.

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