Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coin bezel Art - fine silver jewelry and more!

My friend, Cindy, came over and brought a bunch of coin bezels and said, "what can we do with these?" And she tossed out a handful of coin bezels on the table.

You know me, my brain just jumped into high gear! LOL! You unscrew the knob on top and pull open the bezel like this:

and insert a coin, screw the top back on, and it's an automatic pendant.

Kerry has traveled all over the world, so I ran upstairs to the desk and pulled out all the foreign coins we have. I found this one from Argentina that fit in the quarter bezel. I layered a piece of Art Clay Silver paper type (that I had already diecut and fired) in the center of the coin. Then covered it all with Glossy Accents and let it dry. Not bad, huh? Just another method of showcasing fine silver in a piece of jewelry!

There is a little depth to these bezels - enough to encase a quarter, so I thought......paper? For this next one, I simply cut out a circle from a Crafty Secrets sticker and placed it on a piece of poster board inside the circle. Then I added a fine silver heart on top. Hey! I think we are on to something!

So, Cindy and I started thinking up names and of course, Coin Bezel Art - CBAs came to mind and just stuck! She's off preparing a website to showcase our new line of jewelry and will be selling the bezels. So if you want bezels, just click here to email her!

For the next one, I decided to go full blown mini collage. Just cut up tiny little pieces. Now, that's my baby photo printed on vellum with a postcard behind it, a little cherub to the left, the word "Remember" on top. and 3 pieces of Art Clay Silver paper type (punched and fired) over on the left. So that I will "remember that angels have watched over me my entire life!"

Of course, you don't have to put fine silver in yours - you can do anything you want! And you could just punch a circle of clear acrylic to put over the top (hey! I forgot, Lucy's little store has inkjet and laser sheets for just $.50 each!)

And Cindy's already working on a Coin Bezel Art website! That girl is FAST!!!

Coin Bezel Art! I think we should have a CBA swap! Anyone want to trade art? I also want to get the bezels in dime or nickel size and make a bracelet - oh dear! I just need more play time! Hmm....Kerry, can we just skip lunch today? LOLOL!!!


Ron said...

I'd certainly do a swap, but I need to get some bezels first! Are you going to be selling them???? Don't think I'd make a bracelet or pendant for me, but would be cool on my key chain! Besides silver and gold, are they available in a copper finish?? Now see what you've started?? LOL!

Jen Lowe said...

Only gold and silver and yes, I hope to have some for sale, but I'm still working on that! :o)

I love starting things if it means you will have to get creative! LOL!

Christina D said...

I love how you ladies have used the bezels. I've seen them but never had an idea for them, great ideas. In your blog you mentioned Lucy's little store. How do I get there?

Jen Lowe said...

Hi Christina! Just click on the slide show in the upper right hand corner on my blog's home page. I don't have the bezels in the store yet, waiting on prices! Hopefully today or tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

is there an email I can use to send you a request for a coin bezel piece?


J Lowe said..., but sorry, I've sold all of these and no longer have any. Thanks!