Monday, July 14, 2008

X equals 10 on July 19th!

Since "X" is the Roman Numeral for 10, I decided to paint a huge letter "X" and then put on it 10 things that I like! And guess what? We've turned this into a class at Scrapbook Your Life! on Saturday, July 19 at 4 pm!!! These paper mache letters are about 2 FEET tall!!

But who says you have to stand them upright? I decided to lay my "X" on it's side and have a little creative fun with it! I really like this letter and have come up with lots of things we can do with it in class. Take a look. This way, you could put wings on the outer edges and turn it into a huge butterfly!

Or how about lots of Xs and Os - kisses and hugs?

X is the shortcut for Christ, so you could do something religious - or XMas Tree - with all kinds of trees on it. So much to do and so little time!!!

For the center, I just cut out paper and put rhinestones on it. This is Enchanted Forest form Cloud9Design.

I used the new Quickutz Border flourish and we'll have that in class. Cut it in white glitter paper - it's so cue! I'll show you how to size, print, and ink you rown words - thousands of fonts to pick from for this one. And I used some Heidi Grace Designs paper: Baby Girl, decor Stripe and Birds.

I'll have all my sizzix paper doll dies for you to play with. The possibilities with these are endless and I think they are beyond adorable!

Well, oops! This one is a little blurry! But on the right is Spellbinders art doll and on the left is a sizzlet doll. Again, I'll show you how to ink and color the sizzlets and how to ink and color jolee's fabric stickers.

I'll have blossoms there for you to play with as well!

and mod podge to adhere the paper with, so wear your grubbies!

This is a little chipboard doll that I embellished with Jolee's clothes. The Jolee's are not included in the class, I just wanted to show you what a great 3D look you get with fabric!

Here's the Spellbinders child doll die. I'll bring the overalls to diecut and emboss as well.

And you can decorate, embellish any way you want - depending on which "X" topic you pick! The big "X", paint and paper are included in the class, use of the dies as well. So come with a topic in mind and we'll share a few fun techniques with you during the class!

And of course, bling! There's always somewhere to add a few rhinestones on any project!

Now quick! What were my 10 "X" words???

X Amount of fun!!!

Hope you can join us for this 1 hour class on July 19th at 4 pm at Scrapbook Your Life! in San Diego. Of course, you can stay til the store closes and work on your "X" - but I'll be off to see the Senior Follies!!!

Oh! Did I mention....the class is FREE if you purchase $15.00 or more in the store! So come early and pick out all the embellishments and paper you want to use on your big "X"!!!

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