Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nestabilities Wooly Bears

Well, here you go....teddy bears made from your nestabilities! What next???

Start with these dies:

Cut 4 of SCS1
Cut 1 of SCL1
Cut 1 of SCL2
Cut 1 of COS4

Now, if you don't know my numbering system, just click here.

I'm using cardstock paper from Mr. Ellie Pooh:

And these tweezers from EK Success, but anything with a really sharp pick would work:

You want to pick the paper in downward strokes, pulling up as you pick. You can see the "fur" start to form:

Is this just too cute? I cut the arms freestyle and the nose. The eyes are brads. And the "stitches" are drawn in with a sharpie marker. I went around the edges of each piece with some Vintage Photo Distress ink using a piece of cut n' dry foam.

You can see the "fur" - looks like a wooly bear.

Now think "animals" with your nestabilities. I need to come up with a frog...shouldn't be too hard! But the wooly bear was just too cute with Mr. Ellie Pooh Paper. Be sure to read his story....he is doing a great job of saving the elephants on planet earth!

And yep, that's me, with Mr. Ellie Pooh and Michelle on his front page! And here's his store just in case you want to try out some of this paper!

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