Monday, June 9, 2008

Go Play!

I'm going to mom's tomorrow to play again with the gals in her retirement center. And as promised...a new layout for her door. She wanted one titled "go play" with pictures of our last play date. I think I see a trend here! So I sat going through all my papers and when I found this really made me want to "go play"!

There was a lei on the paper, but I made one out of paper flowers. And aren't those little palm trees just so cute?

And I added a few "blossoms" to it. Put Glossy Accents on the water to make it look wet. Added some tiny little seashells on the beach.

"Go Play!" a little every day
It keeps that doctor far away!!
A little glue, a little ink
Let's make some cards to give away!

Printed ribbon and a little drink umbrella. Doesn't take much to spruce up a sheet of paper that's probably 4 years old!

Stamped and cut out some little beach clothes and added them to the clothesline.

Used stickles to cover the chipboard letters. Tucked mom's friends in among the flowers.

GO PLAY! What a great "rule"

I've made up cards for them to make, bookmarks, and more! I don't know what wears me out the most...planning and packing, or playing! One thing for sure, it's all fun!!!

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TA Carbone said...

JLo more people should do what you do. We don't need brand new things to make something so beautiful