Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Colorwash Backgrounds

Now that I have "found" most of the things I knew were somewhere - it's time to play! Don't you love these frogs? A McGill punch, fold the legs and put a pop dot under them. Just too cute! For the background, divide a non-stick craft sheet into 3 "sections" and spray a different color of colorwash into each of 2 sections and water into the 3rd section. Dip cut n dry foam into one color and swipe it across the paper, letting it skip. Dip another piece into the second color and repeat. Dip a 3rd piece in water and swipe. Heat set. I used Bottle, lettuce and stream here. Yep - you can use more than just 2 colors!

This is a little different. Spray colorwash on the non-stick craft sheet, then take a brayer and run through it and then run the brayer over the paper. Heat set it.

One of my favs here: stamp an image with clear embossing ink on glossy paper. Use clear embossing powder and heat set. Spray 2 - 3 colors of colorwash on the craft sheet. Then place the glossy paper face down on the sheet and swirl and pick it up. You will get a different look every single time!

And maybe my very favorite - because it's so easy! Just wet the paper, then spray on Colorwash in at least 2 colors. Let it run together. Dry with heat tool.

All of these are ATC sized technique cards that I'm putting together for classes in San Diego next month. Gee - I think I'd best hurry up and get these done and out to the store!!!

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