Thursday, June 19, 2008

HUGE Garage Sale June 21!!!

If you live anywhere near me, you gotta come play! Wear a hat! I'm giving out chocolate and soda and the music will be playing - just because it puts me in a mood to drop the prices! LOL!

I have been cleaning and cleaning, sorting through stuff and it's all going out on the street at 8 am! I have so much stuff and you might as well come get it and take it home and play with it!

If you missed my blog on "more Moore stuff" just click the link above on "so much stuff"!!!

We put an ad up on Craigslist and I just keep finding more things I don't use! I promise to add photos to the ad on craigslist on Friday. So just check back. Right now, it's all in piles in the garage. I can't bring the tables up until tonight because I'm having my one year anniversary party of the Basement Babes group today. Actually, right now, we're all watching "the Bucket List". Tomorrow, I'llhave to post the projects we made today! Just so many different ways to play and so little time!

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