Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stamping on the Wall

Well, there's "scrapbooking on the walls", so I thought I'd do "stamping on the walls". Mom just moved into a retirement center and said she wanted a sign for her door that says, "NO CPR".

So I traced some 5 1/2" tall letters on green cardstock, then backed them with blue and then mounted them on black. It's really a 12x12 cardstock that I cut out the right side. So pretty huge letters. Do you think anyone will be able to say, "I didn't see that?" LOL!

And look what a few stamps, a white pen and a black marker will do! Just amazing! Now, I could do a whole lot more to this, but decided to keep it simple as again, I don't want someone to say they didn't see the words for all the other stuff. Personally, I think this will look great on her door!

So I guess this is "stampin on the door", not on the wall!!! Found the cutest little medical stamps while in San Diego. The flower is SU cut out of blue paper and popped up, and then an Album Leaves flourish.

Another new stamp I found on vacation. I added a bit to it.

The white pens work great in the Crafter's Workshop stencils. I love alternating black and white as you go from dark to light backgrounds. Looks cool!

The nurse is just about 1 1/2" tall. Just too cute.

And I love this border flower/flourish. Once again, I added a bit to it, but just so much fun!

I showed this to Kerry and he said it was rather "grim". Well, not sure how one can un-grim such a phrase....but I think people will notice it!

So mom, what do you think? Look ok? Shall I start over? Did you get the blue and green....to match your bruises? :o)

Now to finish the layout that will go right below this.

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