Monday, May 5, 2008

Cleaning stamps

oh my! I don't clean stamps during classes and perhaps I should! I've spent the last 3 hours cleaning them! And look how dirty they were!

Of course, I ruined my stazon cleaner bottle and totally ran out of stuff

And then I remembered I had this stuff. Motsenbocker's Lift off 3. Takes off pen, ink and marker. So I thought I'd try it on my stamps.

It works exactly as good as stazon cleaner! And so much cheaper! You just spritz it on and I used a veggie scrubber to clean the stamps with. Got it at the hardware store, but you can buy it online. Lift Off. (Edited to try and fix this link. Hit return when you get to that URL, or just type in and then select # 3.) I love it when I find a product that saves me money! OK, I know, it's just money I will spend on something else!

I spent the morning unpacking and know that I had too much fun shopping in San Diego. Still one more box to arrive. Can hardly wait to start playing with everything I found! So stay tuned!

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