Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Collage tips

Well mom, how do you like this "welcome"sign that I've made for your door? On second thought....maybe it will keep everyone out! LOLOL!

So many people that I meet tell me that they just cannot collage. And I find it to be just the easiest thing ever, so I thought I'd show one of my collage techniques today. I started with several packages of stickers like this

Cut them all apart, leaving the acrylic backing preserve the stickiness

Then I start to "make" things out of them. I didn't like the empty doctor's bag, so added a brad to the front of it, filled it with stuff, and thought it would be cute to "tie" scissors hanging from the bag. So this is how the ideas start to formulate....little bits and pieces at a time.

And who says you can't alter stickers? This was a plain white Nurse's dress on a sticker. I diecut an art doll and put her up inside then layered the stethescope on top. Hmmm....don't really like that blank face!

Stamped Lucy's head on flesh tone paper, inked her, cut her out. Added the plain white cap and layered the glossy sticker on top. Used Glossy accents for her glasses. This also helps blend glossy stickers with flat stickers.

Now remember, I'm just layering stickers at this point so her neck looks a little scrunched down. But is this totally cute or what?

I continue around my paper and while I'm starting to get a feel for where I want to go....I just am not happy with this paper. Too busy or something...but I want to stick with my theme from yesterday of green and blue to match mom's bruises!

This is a bandaid photo phrame on blue cardstock, cut up under the flowers. Yes, I wire wrapped "No CPR" with beads around a real syringe! When I asked Kerry if I could have one of his diabetic syringes....well...we won't even go there!!! LOLOL! The "D-N-R" in sign language is cut from a piece of patterned paper that I found at SBYL! last was perfect!

The paper that I finally decided on is from Rouge de Garance. I first met them when I attended Ranger University and I just fell in love with their entire line. And now I've convinced SBYL! to carry them! Can hardly wait til they are in stock!!!

But look how easy you can do pen work with no stamps! Their papers are perfect for this technique!

I think the little Lucy nurse came out just fine! I love her bag! MUCH better than the original stickers!

Well, I think a crystal slid's supposed to be on the stethescope!

I used a broken bit of silver necklace chain to "tie" the scissors to the bag.

And "adhered" the license plate with heat-set chrystals. Note....she has "blue suede shoes"!!!

And then I stamped the old lady and her cat. Is that mom? To make the name, I diecut and embossed the green letters, then diecut the same letters in black (did not emboss). Ran the green through my xyron sticker maker and adhered them to the black a little offset so the black is a shadow. Then ran them through the xyron again, adhered them to the page and popped them with glossy accents over the embossed areas.

I used my Cuttlebug for doing the fonts as I could lay ALL of the letters on plate C and cut them all in one pass. There's just more room on that plate than there is on a Spellbinders mat. Worked great!

Cut out the flowers from the paper and slid the ambulance partially behind them. More black and white pen work in the lower corner. Added suede flowers from a previous blog.

I happen to think that it all came together pretty good. One sheet of paper...5 packages of stickers!

Now I have to find a protective sleeve to put it in and it's ready to hang on mom's door. What do you think mom? Good enough? I figure it will either keep everyone out....or they are all going to come over and want you to make one for their doors! LOL!


Ginni said...

One of your best, I think!

Sally said...

Ok, the main mystery to me on this project is that the nurse's dress is a side view originally. So how did you get it to button down the front?

Still working on my Beach Book for my daughter. It is coming along. I WILL finish it. . .

Silly Sal

Jen Lowe said...

Dear Silly Sal. Yes, I guess that would be a good mystery! Especially since that's a package of stickers that I did NOT use....but DID use 5 other packages of stickers on this LO! LOLOL!!! I forgot to photo the stickers before I used them, so just took a pic of this package as a "sample"....not thinking anyone would think I used this package! I'm so bad! But you gave me a great laugh as I was going to just post back and say "one of those great techniques I'll never share!"

Yes, I can be quite ornery on a good day....but decided to fess up toinght! LOL!