Saturday, May 3, 2008

National Scrapbook Day at Scrapbook Your Life!

Wow! What an incredibly fun Fun FUN day!!! I was there at 7 am....tormenting and torturing those standing in line. I'd go inside the store, pick out brand new product, bring it out front....tell them where to run and grab it! And then bring them chocolate! YES!!! CHOCOLATE at SEVEN AM!!!

Now, I hope the other girls will email me their photos to share here....I was so busy there was no time to take a picture. We had make-n-takes from 8 - 10 and then class from 10 - 3, then an hour to clean up and the crop started at 4 pm. I fizzled out and decided to go have dinner with Liz and Lucky. Liz went back to the store...Lucky and I came home. Of course, I've spent the last 3 hours trying to cram all that I can into my bags for the trip home tomorrow. I still will need to ship yet another box home (that makes 4 boxes sent home!)

On Thursday night, we did "scrap the crap". We decided we will do this every time I come back. My challenge was that you bring me your worst piece of paper and see what I can do with it. Something like this:

A little ink, EP and white pen work...not so bad....

Here I used a cuttlebug numbers embossing folder and Distress Ink to alter this paper. I sort of like this one:

The background is the old stuff. We added stamps and black EP, Versamark pen and pink glitter EP and some ink. Totally changed the look and texture of this piece of paper.

Put rice in a balloon. Pull it tight. Tap it into the distress ink, then tap it onto the paper. Totally funky!

Hmm...I think I can date this paper to pre 2003! Diecut, inked and stickles glitter painted over it. Truly gorgeous now!

tan postcard paper in the back, inked, folded into an envelpe and stamped on.

Just amazing what you can do with old product. The class was a huge success....everyone went home happy....with a whole lot of new ideas to do to re-make old product.

And it was all FREE! Don't you wish you had ben here? LOL!

OK, so my bags are packed and I'm ready to fly, heading home. Will be good to see my hubby....3 weeks and 2 days...that's a pretty long time for me to be gone! But it sure has been fun!!!

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