Saturday, May 10, 2008

DIY = Decorate It Yourself!

I spent today at mom's, making cards with some amazing women. Some of them in their 90s! And they did great. I'll blog their art tomorrow. I'm beyond exhausted tonight, but just wanted to share this. I think you can decorate anything...any way that you want. I started with this mottled paper.

Using a white pen and Crafter's workshop stencils.....

Just so much fun. So quick, so easy....and you could alter any piece of paper that you have with this simple method.

I do think I'll turn this into a card front. The first person to post a comment to this blog will get the finished card in the mail!


Edie said...

A JLo original would always have a place of honor in my studio...!


who's up late tonight on the east coast

Anonymous said...

edie beat me to it!!!

Congrats edie

kam ==cs

Margie H said...

Very nice design!
Speaking of white pens...they have arrived!!! LOL!!
Thanks, Jen! I'm going to use them today....can't wait!
Have a wonderful mother's day!!!
MargieH in Chicago

Jen Lowe said...

Edie gets the card! It will go out Monday! :o)