Sunday, May 11, 2008

Playing with my new "girls"!

Move over "Basement Babes"!!! I have some new girls! LOLOL!

Meet Audrey. She's one of mom's new friends in the retirement center.

And I think she did an awesome job with her 3 cards!

Then meet Gladys. Just a kick to be around!

And she painted these cards:

And this is mom:

And her cards:

The girls shared their art with their afternoon reminisce club....and I know next month there will be even more new girls who want to play when I go back down!

The new sign is up on mom's inside door....and it was a true hit!

Mom's neighbor, Millie, is mom's new PR agent. She was just bringing all the other ladies down to see mom's door. Hmmm...I think we may have a new business....sign making! LOL! I've promised a new LO for the left side each time I go down. I think next month's will be called "Playing Hard".

It's so good to play....any time, at any age! I think I should take lessons from these girls!

OK....I'm going to sign up for the next available room....I think I know where I want to move!

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