Friday, May 9, 2008

The people I meet when I go "home"!

I have 3 homes. Indiana. Where I was born and lived until I was 22 years old. Colorado, where I moved at the age of 22 and where I now live. And San Diego, where I lived from 1989 - 1997. I LOVE going "home". Indiana is filled with relatives and grade school chums. But I never fail to meet someone new on a trip there. And San Diego..perhaps the place I love the most. And I meet so many new friends when I travel "home" there.

I have forever friends, like Lucky, that I stayed with for 3 weeks and never once took her picture! I think she is just embedded into my soul....but I really should take pictures of us together next time I'm at that home.

Then there are the new friends I gather along the way. Melissa taught a class that I attended, then she took a few classes from me. I think this photo will tell you exactly why she and I will be great friends. She's joined my yahoo group, calls me, emails me...and I tell you...she is going to storm the art world in just a few more weeks/months. Her work is brilliant. But she struggled with me as I forced her over into the altered world! She did fantastic!

And then there was Fern. I just fell in love with Fern. She had bought a Revolution a long time ago and it was hiding in the closet. So she brought it "out of the closet" and down to the store and she truly learned how to use it. I just don't think it will ever go back into the closet again!

So with all her diecuts, Fern put this little card together. But this was her first. She went on to do 2 complete 2-page layouts that she claims were her best ever. I wish I had photographed them....but I was just too busy with class!

And then, there are those who come to take a class and just blend in. Scores this past 3 weeks. I truly wish I had had the time to sit next to each one of you, chat for a spell, share more chocolate and get to know them a little. This gal picked out some truly wonderful papers to do her little acrylic book with.

So to each of you that I have met in passing, in a class, at a workshop, or while I demo'd at a convention, I just want to say thanks! It's really been so much fun!!! And if you would like to join my little yahoo group, just send me a note. It's the easiest way to keep up with what I'm doing and where I'm going. Today, I'm off to mom's to teach her friends how to make cards!

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