Thursday, May 8, 2008

Card making with mom

When I was in San Diego, I took a class with Michael Strong. Melissa was in the class as well and she did the cards the "right" way. If you look here and go to the second card, you will see the way it was supposed to have been done.

But this is what I did:

I bought the stamp....because I liked the possibilities. And today I've put together kits to make cards with mom and her new friends at the retirement center this weekend. The first one came out fine. I am cutting, stamping, inking, embossing everything. All they have to do is watercolor paint a little bit. I'll be using Luminart's twinkling H2Os for these.

And then I decided I'll take my alphabet stamps in the event they want to stamp a little sentiment on top.

Forthe second card, they will watercolor the background in swipes, then press a paper towel (Viva!) on top of the wet paint. Hopefully some of the paint will go into the paper towel.

For the 3rd card, we'll take that paper towel and tear out the color and use it for background and stamp on top of it. I've stamped and embossed on the tag, so all they have to do is finger paint it and then assemble the card. And use a little white pen if they want.

I'll mix the luminart powder with water on craft sheets and we'll have fun fingerpainting and spritzing the watercolor backgrounds. I did all this on watercolor paper. Should be easy and I hope they end up with some fun cards!

Now I'm not a card-maker....and I never pre-cut and kit for classes. But I figure people who are over 70 don't need to mess with embossing powders, heat guns, scissors and paper trimmers! LOL! Let's see...I have 14 more years to play like this...then will have to find someone who will do all this for me!

It should be a fun weekend!

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