Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Altering your rubber stamps!

Oh! GASP! CUT UP my rubber stamps???? Well, maybe after you pick me up off the floor! I USED to be such a purist. My stamps had to be perfectly clean, in order, sitting on the shelves. Row after row after row. Even the wood was clean!

First there were a hundred stamps, then two hundred.....then a thousand...then two, I'm not a stamper at all! But I can't resist a cute little stamp! And they literally took over my work space. So I unmounted all of them!

Once you unmount your stamps (it took 2 full weeks....and I saved 75% of my space) you get some kind of freedom. I can't really explain it....but it is a new kind of freedom - to PLAY!!!

Example 1. I might use this stamp a handful of times as it is. A nice western collage.

But I decided to cut the stamped image apart and use the individual elements from it. Now, I know, I can mask and stamp, but that seems a bit of work on a lazy day!

Dare I cut the actual stamp apart, I thought???

What freedom! Of course I did it! And I count this as ONE stamp or as 4? LOL! I think I will get a whole lot more use out of it this way!

Example 2. I truly like this stamp. But I don't like it as a border. I wanted the sky to be open so it would "flow" upwards....not limit me to the size of this stamp.

So I whacked the top off!!! But look what happened! I absolutely LOVE this stamp now!!!

Ya gotta be BRAVE to do this!!!

Example 3. Do you ever have so much open space in a stamp that you get that "smudge" from the ink? Oh I do this all the time! And it can ruin a card in half a second!

So, yes, I cut the inside out!

Don't worry, I left the inside perfect, so I can put it back and have the original image. But I can also stamp anything else in the center of the rope now!

All of the above stamps are from Talkabout Images. So reasonable I can buy 2 of each!

And next....the reverse. Why not take little stamps and create a collage out of them? One of my readers has been so generous and has sent me supplies for the local home school moms. This last batch had a lot of tiny little stamps in it, some dated back to 1996.

Because I unmounted them, I could then collage them back together to give an interesting new look to something over 12 years old!

And yes, different brands as evidenced by different types of rubber:

Put together on Sunday International's thin mount:

The stamp will go to the kids as a collage. But they can still cut it apart if they don't like what I did!

I know so many stampers who get bored with what they have. I say "UNMOUNT IT ALL! Cut it up! Make new collages! PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!"

And YES! I have unmounted ALL of my Stampin' Up sets! Even the ones on wheels! LOLOL!!!

After all, I've got to downsize this year...I've got to save on space! I've got to plan for hubby's retirement and a one level, 2 bedroom condo!

I'm just not sure I'm going to succeed!!! I do love stamps!!!

PS. If you are going to do this, use KIA or Tim Holtz scissors, and cut as close as you can to the image you want to preserve. I use EZMount to back them with and I'm still looking for my favorite acrylic block....but I do like several different brands.


Gerrie Johnnic said...

I luv it...I was just contemplating this with a stamp over the weekend, and lost my nerve....but not any more....gona' get my sizzorhandz and cut! cut! cut!

TA Carbone said...

ok before I retired for today I have to laugh. I just was doing this to mine and yes even my SU stamps. Some of the SU ones are big and have layers in the stamps so I also cut them up into individual layers. Oh one more thing have you ever tried Fiskars Platform which you put the unmount on it and press dowm and everything is even. No fingers getting on the ink. Works perfect


Jen Lowe said...

oh dear...something else to try? LOL!