Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another "4 Moore Girls" Adventure!

If you haven't figured out by now, I just LOVE a great adventure! In 2000, all 4 of us Moore girls (and I put that loosely as we are all over 50 now!) and our hubbies went to Lake Powell together. It was the first time the 4 of us girls had been together overnight since we left home. We mostly laid in the water as it was around 108 degrees the whole time we were there....even at midnight!

In 2002 all 8 of us went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico together.....for a whole week! I guess we decided if we could handle a few days on the lake, we could handle a whole week! We didn't share all the same activities, so here are 6 of us out on an ATV ride through the "jungle". We did some snorkeling, some day cruises, some massages and some shopping. Ok, 4 girls....we did a LOT of shopping!

Then in 2005, 3 of us went to Israel and Egypt for 15 days. Are we getting brave or what? TWO weeks together? It was just the most wonderful trip I've ever taken! You can tell from this photo that we just had so much fun! They dubbed us the "Ya-Ya sisters".

And now, this October, 3 of us and 2 hubbies are taking a cruise together. I can hardly wait! We just booked it this week and the phone lines and emails have been flying so fast I can hardly keep up with everything!

It's a 10 day cruise, so Kerry decided he wanted a bigger suite.....wowzers!

I love this floor plan....I have 2 sinks in the bathroom....a complete necessity at this age! LOL!

Anyone want to join the family fun? Holland America We have 3 full days at sea....I can teach digital scrapbooking! For FREE!!! :o)

Hey Aunt Jean! I think you and Uncle Bob should join us! Wouldn't that be so much fun??? Any of my cousins dare to join the famly fun???

So a little over 20 weeks. Can I get into that size 12 swimsuit by then? Weight Watchers 2.5 lbs per week maximum might even get me into a really old size 10 suit! LOL! I guess my diet starts NOW! Perhaps I'll blog my progress on a weekly basis.

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